Online Counseling Services


Teletherapy: Instant Messenger with Phone / Video E-Counseling:  No time scheduling is necessary.  You can e-mail 24hrs/day…7 days/wk

A convenient option for those who:

    • Are shy/timid
    • Would rather avoid the downtown Atlanta traffic
    • Who have limited time on their hands
    • Have limited physical mobility
    • Who are not comfortable with in office therapy
    • Desire to maintain a certain level of privacy


  • With a distance between Counselor and client, it has been found in some cases that the client may be authentic. The distance can lessen the feelings of shame/guilt that can get in the way of moving forward and allow the client to get to the core of the issue rather quicker.
  • Text based therapy has proven to invite honesty because no social mask is needed and the subconscious defenses which show up in a one-to-one session are dropped.
  • The ‘time delay´ permits both client and Counselor to be mindfully clear and acutely aware of their thoughts and feelings.
  • Having your past in writing allows you to physically let go of it ceremonially when, and if you choose.
  • This reflective process organically builds inner-awareness for clients creating more objectivity in their thoughts and behaviors.
  • With no need for an appointment, you may set your own pace and do your work at whatever time you choose.
  • When doing E-Counseling you have the advantage of having all your work in writing, providing a detailed map which will help you find your way, when/if life throws you yet another challenge.
  • Having your work in writing allows you to read over your work and measure just how much you have changed!


Online counseling may not meet everyone’s needs because it may not be an effective means of responding to those who feel: suicidal, homicidal or have other psychiatric symptoms where physical human contact may be needed to intervene. If you fear you may physically harm yourself or someone else please call 911 or the emergency hot-line in your area.