Couple’s Therapy

Marriage is a “Movement” sprinkled with “Moments”. Don’t let the “Moments” stop the “Movement”.

Couple’s Counseling may be necessary when individuals no longer value or appreciate their relationship as they once did and as a result are growing more distant from each other. Past conflicts may resurface, unresolved anger may create a downward spiral. Without effective communication and relationship skills you could have a recipe for a failed relationship.

At Dr. Smith & Associates, LLC couples may be seen together to assess the problem.  However, collaborating together couples can request their own individual counseling in order to gain a deeper self-awareness and insight into what changes should be considered to restore and/or enhance the relationship. Let Dr. Smith & Associates, LLC help facilitate the needed change to salvage your relationship and guide you into the mutually harmonious relationship you desire.

Understand that some couples may recognize that their differences may be irreconcilable when compromised and/or flexibility are not an achievable outcome.  If that becomes the decision you make following an Assessment and Counseling, Dr. Smith & Associates, LLC can help you work towards a mutually respectful relationship or facilitate you on an individual basis to reach your desired goals.